Goldstar Mom and Mia

Two months ago I wouldn’t have even have thought to sleep on the sidewalk. Now with a cold wind moving and darkness looming. Moving the carts and sleeping in front of Safeway was looking like a good idea.

A couple days ago we crossed into Arizona. 50 miles in the grass was green and there were trees! We were all weary from 400 miles of Nevada desert we decided to pull into Williams for an early day. A passing park ranger told us just go up 4th St and there are some spots to camp in the trees. Excited for a real campsite and some savory food we were packing up to role into the woods. Then a mini van pulled up and a smiling Mom came around “you guys have a place to stay or y’all sleeping put in the cold? ” Well we were just gonna sleep in the woods. “No way come stay in our tree house just turn up 4th St and you can’t miss it.” Tree house! We were stoked out of our minds. We walked in the front door and were immediately at ease. Six kids hardwood floors and rice for dinner. Mia (7) tells her part “We were at dinner and Jesse was mentioning guitars and I said no way I play the Uke. And after dinner I offered to teach Jesse a little more about the Uke. So I taught him G7 and C7 and F and he already new C so no worries there.  Just kinda going along we played Happy Birthday and On Top of Spaghetti. Jesse even let me tell him what to do!  This morning after a delicious breakfast my mom made we played You Are My Sunshine which is kinda hard. And we laughed and talked about funny things. Jesse told us how his dad is just like Nacho Libre! It was so funny!

One thing about the North Arizona the people here are super nice! Were loving it. a side walk would have been good and instead we got a tree house and new friends. We were invited in off the street and overwhelmed with love. I want to do this for a homeless person one day. The woods? No way come stay in my house.


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