Hwy 54 will always¬†standout. We picked it up in Tucumcari NM and the fun began. Low rolling hills and despite the heat a tailwind put us ahead every day.¬†As we pedaled 130 miles into Dalhart TX I noticed a sign off in the grass 99.1 kjil Radio for life. My day dream of being on the air was soon drowned by the low hum of our chains cranking at twenty mph across the plains. At mile 120 Matthew and I were bonking hard. Dizzy nausea screamed at me to stop eat and not move for at least five days. We both took a granola bar and pushed ahead for the longest ten miles of the entire trip. Dalhart is dusty and smIMG_1114ells like cattle waiting to die. Everything closes at ten so we rode over to the only 24hr gas station. Round one, Raisin Bran and half n half. It tasted great! Carol was working. She was super nice so for round two we popped some noodle cups in the nuker. Where should we sleep tonight? Carol didn’t miss a beat. Sleep behind the store its quite enough I’ve even got a blanket y’all can borrow. Here step outside ill get it for ya. Warm comfort of a full belly was sneaking so we readily agreed. Snuggled up on the concrete with the dumpsters we let the hum of the AC lull us to sleep. I cracked a groggy eye to see Carol leaning over talking to Jesse. It was 6 am. Wow yall are really sleeping, well here take this and she stuffed a wad of cash into his hand. Have a great trip and just leave the blanket inside. 39 dollars. Wow I was so humbled as I lay under the comfort of Carol’s huge blanket and recalled her telling us how she was saving up to move to Amarillo. All I could do was take a deep breath and feel the energy of kindness surge into my fatigued limbs. Fueled by a Sonic chicken sandwich (better than Micky Ds) we hit the road. It was after dark by the time we rolled into Meade. Woa check this out guys the radio station. 99.1 kjil. Lets sleep on the lawn and see if we can get on the air. Ok! we were all on board with this. I went up the street to get water and when I got back Tuck and Jesse were talking with a mom and her son. Follow me up to Blakes house he is the Music manager here. He will put you up and well see about getting you on the radio tomorrow. Wow again we were blown away. Blake was a talker. And he liked Marvel Super Heroes. Never a dull moment at his place. The next morning Cheryll brought us fresh cinnamon roles into the station! Blake took our info for a piece latter on the afternoon show. I have no doubts he did a great job and we were stoked to for the publicity! A few days latter found us in Eureka Kansas. After sleeping in the city park we rode up Main St so we could plug our phones in and call the radio back home for our latest update. The shop was closed. Hey Dewy over here looks like a church. I rode over to where Matthew was. Cool lets go in. Turns out it was a school for people with disabilities. Andy who has Downs was a having a birthday party and we got invited to stay. We were anxious to get on the road. Pizza…yes well stay. We talked about what we were doing and one of the teachers said, hey ive got a friend who DJ’s lets see if we can get you on the air. Ok! An hr latter I was talking live on the air. Were down at down here at New Beginnings and its Andys Birthday! Happy Birthday Andy. The next room full of kids erupted. It was all I could do not to tear up with Joy. Today was not about Slavery awareness or me being smooth on the air. Today was for Andy getting a shoutout on the radio. You should have seen Andy’s face when his name came through the radio. Said Matthew. He was so stoked. Wow, so were we all.

2 thoughts on “Eureka!

  1. Hey guys, it was great to meet you on the KATY trail. We were all very impressed with your sincerity and your good natures. Good luck on the rest of your trip. We’re praying for you. Thanks for the wrist band – I’m wearing it now!
    Max (Ted’s brother)

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