Atlantic Coast

Time and Space. A continuum we had no need for on the road. While I think a month has past since Eureka it feels like a day. Packed with a years worth of living. Someone once asked. How did you end up biking across the country with two twenty year old kids? I told them. I wanted to. And if i had to pick again out of any one I know it would be Matthew and Jesse twice over. Few people are willing to sleep on a sidewalk and get up the next morning with the days end unknown.  We all enjoy it. Weird. Yet, the freedom of the open road is now home. The journey is the dream and good things never end they become the beginning of more good things.

We rolled down Virginia Beach Blvd. Ahead I could see the road fade into an endless horizon of ocean. Slow down its almost over. We tried to hold back and savor the moment. Despite our best efforts we had trouble keeping it under 20 mph as the thrill of accomplishment began to surge. We pulled up to a small square at 17th St park. A group from the Virginia Beach Justice Initiative were there to celebrate with us along with a news crew from CBN we gave a few high fives and then headed out on the sand. I turned to our new audience and camera crew. I was so excited ill I could do was breath deeply, tremble and wonder what to do. “Excuse me we’ve waited five thousand miles for this” And we ran and plunged into the Atlantic. I came up expecting to be frigidly out of breath. Instead the water was warm and pleasant. Dripping wet we strolled up to the sidewalk for an interview. One question stands out. “Whats next for you?” “Slavery is something if I was not doing something to fight it I couldn’t live with myself. And while I am not sure exactly what it will look like I believe the best way to end slavery is instead of building safe houses to create safe homes. Eighteen thousand square feet with eighteen girls is awesome. What we really need is eighteen million homes with one girl each.”  This may be a ridiculously bold statement. Not only do I believe it can happen. It is essential for slavery to end.

Our journey across the US took us through 15 states over 4,997 miles. Dreams come true. I just lived one of mine. I am sure the best is yet to come. And whether we see eighteen million homes open to loving the abused, broken, lost and forgotten in our lifetime. I now know the dream is not a pinnacle of success it is the journey to the next endless horizon. And on this journey we can win love for every one around us.

In other news. We have successfully collected video of our Journey and stories of how love is ending slavery across our land. We will be keeping you informed on the progress of its production and date of its premiere.Image

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  1. So glad we’re friends dude. Thanks for inspiring me like you do. This really hit me: “The journey is the dream and good things never end they become the beginning of more good things.” Can’t wait to make my dream a reality and have you rooting for me along the way. So great.

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